NSF 12-544 Scalable Nanomanufacturing (SNM)


White Paper: Friday, April 27, 2012
Committee Decision: Friday,May 4, 2012 (anticipated)
NSF SNM Deadline: Monday, June 4, 2012

Program Synopsis

The National Science Foundation (NSF) announces a second year of a program on collaborative research and education in the area of scalable nanomanufacturing, including the long-term societal implications of the large-scale implementation of nanomanufacturing innovations.  This program is in response to and is a component of the National Nanotechnology Initiative Signature Initiative: Sustainable Nanomanufacturing – Creating the Industries of the Future (http://www.nano.gov/node/611).  Although many nanofabrication techniques have demonstrated the ability to produce relatively small quantities of nanomaterials and devices, the emphasis of this program is research that supports the identification and demonstration of nanomanufacturing processes with high potential to scale to economically and industrially relevant production levels.  The mode of support is Nanoscale Interdisciplinary Research Teams (NIRT).  Proposals submitted to this program must address at least one, and preferably more than one, of the following interconnected themes:

  • Novel processes and techniques for continuous and scalable nanomanufacturing;
  • Directed (e.g. physical/chemical/biological) self-assembly processes leading to heterogeneous nanostructures with the potential for high-rate production;
  • Fundamental scientific research in well-defined areas that are compellingly justified as critical roadblocks to scale-up;
  • Principles and design methods to produce machines and processes to manufacture nanoscale structures, devices and systems; and/or
  • Long-term societal and educational implications of the large-scale production and use of nanomaterials, devices and systems, including the life-cycle analysis of such nanomaterials, devices and systems.

Other research and education projects in nanoscale science and engineering will continue to be supported in the relevant programs and divisions.

Eligibility Information

An academic institution may submit no more than one (1) proposal on which it is the lead organization in response to this solicitation.

CCNY Review Procedure and Priorities

A committee consisting of CCNY faculty and staff in a variety of disciplines will review your White Paper.  It is likely that many of the NSF’s review panel members will also have general, not in-depth, knowledge of your specific research area.

White Paper Format

White Papers are limited to total of 3 pages and must be written in size 11 font or larger with a margin of at least 0.75 inches all around.  No other attachments, including CVs, budgets, quotes and communication with NSF program officers, will be accepted or reviewed.

The following sections must be included in the white paper:

  1. Project Description (2 pages)
    1. Title: Provide a concise and descriptive.
    2. Principal Investigator, Co-PIs and Collaborators:  List all PIs and collaborator, their institutions, departments and expertise.  Indicate whether collaborators are confirmed or invitations are planned.
    3. Estimated Budget: list the total request (including indirect costs) and indicate the estimated percentage to be allocated in major categories (salaries, student support, equipment, etc.)
    4. SNM Theme(s): which of the five SNM themes will this proposal address?
    5. Research Plan: describe the research, with an emphasis on the potential for significant contributions to the advancement of nanomanufacturing in one or more of the five themes.
    6. Interdisciplinarity: describe the interdisciplinary nature of the project
    7. Education: describe the value to nanomanufacturing education
    8. Collaborations: describe the strength, appropriateness and likely effectiveness of planned collaborations.
    9. Management Plan: describe the management plan and explain why it is likely to be effective.
  2. Summary (1 page only) – provide a standard one-page NSF-style Project Summary for your proposal, including the required sections on Intellectual Merit and Broader Impact.   

Project Summary (see: http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/policydocs/pappguide/nsf11001/gpg_2.jsp)

The proposal must contain a summary of the proposed activity suitable for publication, not more than one page in length. It should not be an abstract of the proposal, but rather a self-contained description of the activity that would result if the proposal were funded. The summary should be written in the third person and include a statement of objectives and methods to be employed. It must clearly address in separate statements (within the one-page summary):

  • the intellectual merit of the proposed activity; and
  • the broader impacts resulting from the proposed activity.

It should be informative to other persons working in the same or related fields and, insofar as possible, understandable to a scientifically or technically literate lay reader. Proposals that do not separately address both merit review criteria within the one-page Project Summary will be returned without review. To that end, proposers are encouraged to include separate headings within the one page document for both “Intellectual Merit” and “Broader Impacts”.

White Paper Submission

Please email White Papers to Associate Provost Larry Bank (lbank2@ccny.cuny.edu), with a cc to Laura Bartovics (lbartovics@ccny.cuny.edu).

Click here for a Microsoft Office Word version: WP-NSF-SNM-12-544

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